Timeless Truth (UK) Ltd are delighted to be an exclusive distributor of Timeless Truth Facial Beauty Masks within the UK and Ireland.

Timeless Truth Facial Beauty Masks are an innovative brand that unites experts from world-renowned cosmetic research institutes and cutting edge Bio-Technology, to create the “Ultimate Mask Experience.”

Angela Barbagelata, of Timeless Truth (UK) Ltd says:

‘Timeless Truth Facial Beauty Masks were a real revelation to me when I first discovered them on a trip to the Far East. I loved that I could use them either as part of a luxurious pamper evening or as part of my everyday cleansing, moisturising, beauty care routine.

I hope that you will love them too and I’d love to hear your thoughts, you can e-mail me at with any comments/queries or just to say Hi. To find out more about Timeless Truth Facial Beauty Masks – do see the information below or maybe watch the videos we’ve put together in our studio on the South Coast of England.’

Luxury range

The Timeless Truth Luxury Masks use 3 types of cloth:

Elasticity masks have added extra elastic cotton fibres in the material. In order for the muscles in the cheeks and the chin to achieve a lifting result, the mask has a special ‘ear hooking’ design, allowing it to stay on and fit perfectly on the face no matter what actions you do. You can easily walk around or work if you wish! Because the elasticity is pulling upwards, the mask is forced to absorb serum, giving the mask material itself a slight pressure, Elasticity masks have a special absorbtion function too; it can spread out the serum equally to every corner of the face just like manually applying a cream.

Bio Cellulose
The structure of Bio Cellulose is extremely delicate; it fits perfectly on the skin and can aid penetration of serum deep into facial tissue. Due to its fibrous nano-scopic material it has a larger surface contact with the skin. It helps maintain the moisture in the skin and allows it to breathe as well. Bio Cellulose has been used as a top quality material in the medical field for a long time.

Hydra Fibre
This “silk like” fabric is extremely light and flexible; the structure is quite similar to the skin. It is smooth, soft with a gentle tough of luxury suitable even for a sensitive skin. With superior liquid absorbency it can hold and maintain large quantities of serum.

Fusion range

Timeless Truth Fusion Facial Beauty Masks use an innovative patented system; beneficial extracts in freeze dried powder form are embedded in the cloth as well as being soaked in serum. On application the warmth of the skin aids the the dissolving of the powder giving the treatment double strength.

The combination of the powder and serum results in maximum efficiency and greater absorption.

See how simple the Fusion range is to apply.