Deep Sea Extract Moisturising Mask

“the Deep Sea Extract Moisturising Mask… is ideal for those of us with dry skin or dry patches on the skin. The ingredients in the mask are awesome”

Elegant Ageless Beauty writes:

When I took the mask out of the sachet, it was absolutely full of serum. I opened the mask out and removed the plastic backing. I simply placed the mask onto my face darkest blue side to the skin, this is where all the beautiful ingredients are to provide all that moisturisation to help get the luminosity back and get my glow on again! I sat and relaxed for 30 minutes before removing the mask, and when I did my skin felt so good. It was still wet from the serum so I massaged it into my skin. It felt silky smooth, it looked smoother too. I get a little patch of redness on my chin which has only occurred in the last few years, the redness appears to be lessened. Above my top lip usually gets a bit dry and sore from hair removal, but it’s calmed down for sure. This mask doesn’t have a strong fragrance, it certainly doesn’t smell of seaweed, it’s very cooling and refreshing and a delight to use.

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