Firm Skin Miracle Rejuvenation Mask

“The Firm Skin Miracle Rejuvenation Mask… perfect for dry, ageing and pigmented skin. A lovely mask with incredible ingredients to help improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles, age spots and to also brighten the skin”

Elegant Ageless Beauty writes:

This is another of those masks that you hook over your ears! I love these. When I took it from the sachet, again it felt very cold in my fingers and so full of the fantastic serum. Placing it on my face it actually made me shudder because it was so cooling on my skin. Which is actually great for me when I’m hot flushing during the day as well as night-time! After application I would usually sit back and relax for 20 minutes, but because of the hooks over the ears from face and chin I was able to make coffee and tidy around while wearing it, it doesn’t move that’s for sure. When I removed it I massaged the serum into my skin, there is some serum left in the sachet so I popped a little bit extra under my eyes. I had a close look at my skin and wow, what a mask! My skin looks clearer, so much brighter.

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