Mothers Day Orchids

£31.00 £24.80

Product Description

This Mothers Day don’t just give your mother flowers give her Orchids!

Save 25% off a box of five Timeless Truth Orchid Extract Replenishing Masks, now only £24.80.

A replenishing and hydrating mask which helps lock in moisture and plump out the skin, leaving it feeling smooth, soft and radiant.

SKIN TYPE: Dry, Mature

BENEFITS: Brightening, Moisturising, Anti-ageing, Clarity, Prevent dark Spots, Reduce uneven skin tone, Anti-Oxidant

Reboost your skin with a natural source of energy creating skin that glows and is radiant. Orchid Extract Timeless Truth Replenishing Mask provides a barrier on the skin locking in moisture for a long lasting effect. Orchid Extract instantly helps to hydrate and plump out the tissues leaving a smoother finer surface to the skin. This is the ideal treatment for dry, lifeless, dull looking skin.


Offer ends 1st April 2017