Vicki’s Story

Vicki suffers from low platelet levels and an iron deficiency. This make her appear very pale and it has become quite an issue to Vicki. Even when her levels are stable, she seems to still bruise easily and feels her self-esteem is low. She has tried a matter of ways to rectify the issue, from a healthy balanced diet with added extras to wearing make up to give her the confidence to leave the house during the day.

In October Vicki finally placed an order with us after Magali Gorre (Real Housewives Of Cheshire star) recommended our masks. After placing her initial order, she was hooked. Vicki now uses around 3 masks a week, of which the combination of Snow Algae and Q10 is her favourite.
Since using TimelessTruth Masks, Vicki’s skin has a new found colour and a healthy glow. She says “I don’t know what I would do without them!” Vicki found that it visibly helped with her fine lines around her eyes, “I noticed instantly after seeing the results on the mask and people have been commenting on how great my skin looks without makeup on”.

Vicki Has tried the Glacial Snow Algae, Apple Stem Cell, Bee Venom and Royal Jelly, Herbal Rejuvenation, Miracle Rejuvenation, Bio Cellulose Eye Masks as well as the Q10. She is planning on trying the Bio-Cellulose EGF mask next.

Recommendation have been made to all of Vicki’s friends and they’ve really noticed the new found confidence she has in her complexion.

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